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Auctions and Appraisals

We have been a respected leader in the auction industry since 1975, and have built a reputation for ethically and creatively helping people navigate the maze of property or real estate in transition. From heavy equipment or vehicles to antiques and personal property, we will find solutions that work for you. Our auctions and appraisals company combines the skill of experts with experience in promoting our auctions and our client’s merchandise. We not only know the marketplace and the current value of the items we sell, we know how to reach buyers regionally and internationally to create awareness and, ultimately, successful sales.

After contracts are signed, we begin the advertising stage. We list and photograph your property, place auction signs and all other means of marketing. As the auction date draws closer, our knowledgeable auction set up staff will come do all the setup work for you. We will sort and display your items in a way that makes them most appealing to potential bidders. We provide all the tables, show cases and anything else needed to display your items properly. We will handle ordering a port-o-let, setting a tent if needed and food service if necessary. On auction day, we bring all the staff we need to conduct your auction!

We have completed thousands of appraisals for many different clients. We have experience appraising almost everything, but if you have something we are unsure about, we have access to professionals that will specialize in your unique item.We pride ourselves in being a full service auction company and will handle all the details from start to finish.

If you have something you wish to sell at Auction, please do not hesitate to use the form and someone will respond promptly. Thank you!