Auction FAQ

/Auction FAQ

We specialize in creative advertising campaigns. We use local papers (ie. Merchandisers,Shoppers and Daily Papers, Lancaster Farming and any specialty publication needed. We also utilize internet advertising, signage, printed ads, and mailers. Our goal is to reach the broadest consumer base possible.

We do not typically accept reserves on any personal items sold. Any special requests would need to be discussed with an auctioneer.

When selling real estate, we work closely with the seller to ensure the high bid is satisfactory and only complete the transaction after their final approval.

A check will be issued within 15 days after the completion of the sale.


For a fee we will gladly come to your site and pick up items to be sold at our auction facility. We think our rates are extremely reasonable. Call for a quote.

Yes, you can. We ask that you call our office to schedule a time. All items are subject to an Auctioneer’s approval and are not guaranteed to be accepted.

We accept consignments consisting of antiques, collectibles, toys, tools, furniture and quality household goods. Separate specialty auctions may be conducted for coins, jewelry, watches, firearms, etc. Our auction house is an ideal place to liquidated merchandise ranging from entire estates to small lots to commercial liquidations. We do not accept garage sale leftovers or well used household goods.

Selling by auction gives the seller the opportunity to establish a time frame in which to sell their property. When auctioning a property the scheduled sale date creates urgency as well as a competitive atmosphere for interested buyers, achieving the highest market value.

Registration is only available the day of the sale. We are typically set up to begin registration an hour before the start of the sale.

6% sales tax will be included at some of the auctions conducted at our auction facility. If you are tax exempt you will be required to fill out a tax exempt form. No sales tax is charged at most on-site sales.

Absentee bid forms are provided for bidders to fill out and return to the office. We encourage all items to be previewed and only minimum bids of $10 or more will be accepted. We highly encourage all absentee bids to be submitted 1 hour before the start of the sale. If absentee bids are received after the start of the auction, we will do our best to execute the bid, but can make no guarantee. We are not responsible for any missed absentee bids.

All successful bids (purchases) must be paid in full before leaving the sale. Methods of payment include: cash, PA check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

In order to purchase an item at our auctions, you will need to register for a bidder number. Clerks will be available to assist you with this process in the office at our auction facility or in our clerking trailer at on-site auctions. Please be prepared to provide your driver’s license and phone number for registration.

Chairs are provided at auctions held at our auction facility, however we do not provide chairs at our on-site auctions, and you will need to bring a chair if desired.

Some auctions are  held at our auction facility, located at 1111 Gap View Road, Dauphin, PA, which provides adequate seating, in-house cafe,  and restrooms. On-site auctions are conducted outside where we typically provide a tent to shield customers and family from the elements. During colder seasons, we also take measures to heat the tent.

Contact us and talk to one of our experienced auction professionals. They will make an appointment to come and meet with you, view your property and make an auction evaluation. 

No. In fact, there is a great difference between the experience and expertise of auction companies. The success of real estate auctions in the past few years has led to many real estate companies trying to sell property at auction.

Since you only get one chance to sell your property at auction you need to choose a company that has a successful track record.

No, auctions today don’t result from individual’s repossessed properties, but rather are a result of the smart seller, who chooses the cost-effective, accelerated method of selling a property rather than laboring for months or years to sell it. This acerbated sale allows the seller to eliminate virtually all long term carrying costs. These cost savings to the seller are passed along directly to the purchaser in the form of reduced prices.

It is truly a win=win situation. Sellers can move on, and buyers can purchase properties at fair market value.

Absolute means the property will be sold to the highest bidder. There are no minimums or reserves in an ‘Absolute’ auction.

In a reserve auction, the auctioneer will submit the highest bidder to the seller. The seller then has the right to accept or reject the bid.

A Real Estate Auction is a method of buying and selling real estate. It is an intense and accelerated real estate marketing process that involves the public sale of property through open, competitive bidding.